Wholly Healthy Christian Moms

Hello from Amber, Andrea & Erin!

We're three moms on a mission to help other moms experience their best health ever - body, mind, soul and spirit.

Our own health journeys, personal struggles, and professional training (Erin is a licensed master level social work + certified biblical coach; Andrea holds both life + health coaching certifications & Amber is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach) coupled with faith that is firmly rooted in Christ, have helped us eliminate the overwhelm of how to "be healthy" for countless women.

We also have excellent track records in helping our clients say goodbye to the guilt & shame they often feel around their body and who they are as a Christian woman.

We are big believers that wellness is meant to be approached from a place of joy and that transformation from the inside out is what makes your health choices sustainable.

So no quick fixes here.

The programs and membership we offer are designed with busy, ambitious moms in mind. We have learned the value of investing in ourselves, and we trust, that if you have landed here, you feel the same way too.

If this is your first time meeting us, welcome!  We are so happy you are here and can't wait to get started on our work together.

Available Courses

Freedom From... A 10x10 Devotion

A devotional series dedicated to helping you spend 10 minutes in Word daily over 10 days exploring 10 different areas to gain freedom from...

10x10's Devotional Series

A devotional series dedicated to helping you spend 10 minutes in Word daily over 10 days on a specific topic or theme.

Meal Planning Workshop

If you love the idea of easily planning out your meals for an entire year and only spending about five minutes weekly on your meal plan and shopping list + the flexibility to switch things up without starting over, this workshop is right up your alley.

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